1. Mud Crab on Flickr.

  2. Closed on Flickr.

  3. Looking Back on Flickr.

  5. Abo on Flickr.

    Aboriginal man playing didgeridoo in Sydney

  6. Let’s Rock on Flickr.


  7. Push on Flickr.

    Couple of really nice bikes at wharf 7, not that im into push bikes but i know a good one when i see one :P

  8. Wharf Power on Flickr.

    Took this picture down at Wharf 7 today, Hope to own one of these over here :)

  9. Artistic Fusion on Flickr.

    Seen this guy at Circular Quay, Sydney. He does the most amazing huge paintings and donates them to different charities, this one was going to the Salvation Army.